Wheelchair Accessible
We are here to meet all your accessibility needs. Ride in confidence safety with wheelchair accessible van rentals courtesy of Airport Van Rental.
Wheelchair Accessible

AVR's Wheelchair Accessible Van Package

  • $119.00 daily van rental

  • 100 Free Miles Per Day

  • No airport pick up and drop off fees

We understand the high cost of wheelchair travel, and we are here to change it by announcing $119.00 daily rental rates. We're proud to announce the introduction of wheelchair accessible van rentals to all AVR locations. We offer daily, weekly, monthly and long-term accessible van rentals. In addition, AVR locations offer GPS rentals and wi-fi rentals to complete you trip.

New Wheelchair and Scooter Accessible Van Rentals Available

AVR is here to save you money on your transportation costs if you travel in a wheelchair. Many travelers don't know how easy and affordable it is to rent a van instead of a car to accommodate large groups. We offer wheelchair accessible van rentals at all of our locations. Our goal is to offer wheelchair accessible vans at the lowest price! Wheelchair accessible vans are an alternative to non-emergency medical transportation and as interim vehicles for drivers with temporary disabilities. Our rentals are more cost effective and more convenient to your travel needs.

The following are some benefits to using our vans:

  • Vans can be used for large families, church groups, sports teams or groups attending music festivals

  • A wheelchair accessible van can be rented with a standard Class C license(A normal drivers license)

  • Licensed drivers from 21 years old can rent a van from AVR

  • AVR is driven to provide quality service to serve the customer better and can assist with the day to day challenges of wheelchair travel

  • AVR provides the most premier late model adaptive vehicles with all wheelchair accessible features that customers need for safe, accessible travel

  • AVR provides a low-cost solution for accessible transportation needs

Founded in 2007, Airport Van Rental (www.airportvanrental.com) was the first dedicated van rental company and now has 14 locations and over 2,000 vans. Airport Van Rental is a family-owned company that is dedicated to providing the best service, the highest quality large capacity vehicles and the lowest prices. AVR is the anywhere, anytime van rental. Travel on!

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