Long-Term Corporate, School, & Non-Profit Van Rentals

Large organizations, non-profits, and companies will be delighted in our affordable rates on long term van rentals.

Corporate Programs

At Airport Van Rental, we specialize in efficient and affordable van rentals that get you to the destinations you need to be comfortably and at an affordable rate. We want to help companies, non-profits, schools, or any organization get to where they need to go. For convenient long-term van rentals starting at a minimum of 40 days, ask us about our Corporate Program today.

Please note that apart from regular van rentals, we also offer solutions for Delivery Service Providers (DSP). With our broad selection, you can find what you need.

Our services include:

  • High Quality vans with a variety of seating options

  • World class customer care

  • Reservation and drop-off & pick up services

  • Guaranteed affordable rates

  • Dedicated Representative

We understand that many organizations require access to convenient and affordable transportation options for school trips, fundraisers, corporate outings, events, and more. That is why our Corporate Program enables managers and employees to take advantage of our comprehensive services and savings with long-term van rentals to suit a variety of transportation needs.

Operating all around the country and rapidly expanding, you can find what you need where you need it. At Airport Van Rental, we cater to individuals and organizations alike, and our mission is the same for both sets of travelers: to provide convenient, comfortable, and cost-efficient rentals for travelers everywhere.

If you'd like to learn more about our Corporate Program, please fill out our brief form below and one of our representatives will reach out! If you are interested in our DSP program, please find the inquire form here

For more information, please see our Corporate Program Brochure

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