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USAA Car Rental Discounts and Perks

USAA Car Rental Discounts and Perks

Are you a member of the United Services Automobile Association (USAA)? Then, you are eligible for huge discounts and perks on car rentals at Airport Van Rental (AVR). Book your car with AVR to take advantage of USAA discounts and perks today!

What Are Car Rental Perks for USAA Members?

USAA members are eligible for the following car rental perks with AVR:

Avoid Young Driver and Additional Driver Fees

Car rental companies typically charge young drivers an extra fee. However, if you are a young driver with a USAA membership, you can rent a car with AVR without paying an underage driver fee. The USAA members can also avoid additional driver fees by booking a car rental with AVR.

Earn Rewards Points

USAA members receive reward points every time they book a car with AVR. Members can choose to redeem these reward points when they book their next rental with AVR.

Special Discount Codes

USAA members will also get access to special discount codes at participating locations. These discount codes will be automatically made available to USAA members at the time of payment checkout.

Why USAA Should Consider Airport Van Rental for Their Car Rental Needs

Pick Up at Any Location Across the Nation

AVR has 15 rental locations across the nation. As a USAA member, you can pick up the car at any location you want. Just let us know your travel plans and pick-up rental location a day before the scheduled pick-up date so that we can make appropriate arrangements for you.

Car Classes for Any Family Member

AVR has a premium fleet of different classes of cars and vans. You can choose any car class that fits the tastes and requirements of any of your family members. For instance, you can choose a luxury SUV that has sufficient legroom and generous headrests if your grandparents are traveling along with you for the vacation.

Family-Owned, Unlike Other Providers

AVR is a family-owned rental car company operating with the aim to make you a happy customer. Our deeply ingrained principles such as a customer-oriented mindset, integrity, and accountability are guiding us to focus on enhancing customer experience. USAA members may choose AVR to enjoy this premium customer experience.

A Community for You to Join

We just do not rent cars, but we create communities. We have a large community of USAA members who regularly hire cars and vans from us. By renting a car from AVR, you’ll become a part of our huge USAA community.

USAA Member Car Rental FAQ

Do I have to call my credit card/insurance company to know if I have insurance coverage?

Yes, you may call the auto insurance company to know whether your existing personal car insurance with accidental coverage will extend to the rented car or not.

Alternatively, you can provide the insurance policy details or USAA insurance cover details to one of our executives, who can fetch the details on aspects such as damage waiver, bodily injury liability coverage, and property damage coverage.

Is there a minimum age for car rentals for USAA members?

The minimum age for car rentals for USAA members is 18 years. However, this may vary from one rental location to another based on the local traffic laws and driving rules. Reach out to our customer support to know more about the minimum age requirements at the location where you want to rent the car.

Does Airport Van Rental charge one-way fees?

Yes, AVR charges one-way fees. The one-way fee is the money that a rental company collects for picking up a hire from one place and dropping it off somewhere else.  

USAA Members Prefer Airport Van Rental! Here’s Why.

USAA members love to choose AVR as a transportation partner for their family vacations, road trips, and weekend getaways for the following reasons:

  • A family-owned enterprise with over 12 years of experience in renting vehicles

  • Special discounts, rewards, and perks on rental rates

  • High-quality customer service

  • Well-maintained fleet of vehicles

  • Flexible pick-up and drop-off options

  • Zero young driver and additional driver fees

  • Unlimited mileage

Renters with AAA and USAA memberships can book a car or van at any of our rental locations, including Atlanta, Burbank, Dallas, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orlando, San Francisco, and Tampa.

Secure Your Car Rental with Airport Van Rental Today!

Searching for good USAA car rental deals? Then, your search ends here as AVR offers huge discounts and perks on car rentals to USAA members.

Book a rental vehicle with AVR to get an immediate USAA membership discount of 5% on everyday base rates. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to get exciting last-minute deals, promo codes, and weekly promo blasts for USAA members.

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